Lamination and Celloglazing

1  lamination

  • Celloglazing / Laminating is the thermal application of an adhesive film to be applied to a substrate enhancing the finish of the document
  • Available in matt or gloss finish
  • Celloglaze tends to be applied to one side and is a thinner film (most cases using digital cello at 40microns in thickness)
  • Laminate tends to be applied to two sides of the sheet and are available in 75mic, 125mic or 150mic in thickness.  In many cases the substrate is encapsulated, ensuring a border of film is applied around the whole document.
  • For documents being bound, the substrate tends to be celloglazed on the outside of the cover resulting a professionally finished document.

The trade bindery offers:-

  • Both lamination and celloglazing (or cellosheening) as an option
  • Finishes available in gloss or matt finish
  • There is no minimum quantity required
  • Can be completed only on the cover or on inner text sheets as well

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