DH-360 Roll Laminator



The DH-360 is a roll laminator ideal for print room, copy shops and large corporates. It is a hot and cold 4 roller system with an internal infrared heating system, adjustable speed and temperature and LED display. It is available as a desktop unit or has an optional stand.

The DH360 also has a model with extension arms.  This provide is more clearance from the machine, meaning that longer rolls of film can be fitted onto the laminator.

In reference to loading the Digital Stick Film the DH360 will fit a 315 x 300mtrs on a 25mm core.  With the DH360 with the extension arms, it will fit the 500m rolls and then you also have the option of changing the core adaptors for a wider range of stock.  It is however sold with a 25mm core size as standard.

Machine Features:
Maximum working width: 330mm
Maximum working thickness: 5mm
4 Roller technology: 2 infrared hot rollers and 2 cold rollers
Warranty: 12 months

Fact Sheet

Download the fact sheet here

Additional Information

Weight45000 g
Dimensions750 × 650 × 750 mm