Lamination Supplies

This process is used to enhance and protect documents. It is available in different forms, whether it is rolls or pouches. It is mainly available in a gloss or matt finish and different thicknesses, resulting in a completed job that looks more expensive and professional as well as one that will last longer.

  • Lamination Pouches

    Laminate Pouches are available in different sizes from ID up to A3 and different thickness (or microns) from 80-150mic depending on the requirement. The laminate pouches are available in a gloss finish as gloss laminates or a matt finish as matt laminates. If there is a specific size, thickness or finish that you require that isn’t listed, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to source it for you.
  • Celloglazing Rolls

    We supply 3 ranges of celloglaze rolls for the Australian market. Celloglaze film is traditionally a lot thinner than laminate film and adds a very thin layer to the surface but giving a very professional finish. All of our products are specific to adhere to digital output especially where silicon oils are present. We carry:
    • The Digital Stick Range
    • The Xtra Stick Range
    • The Ultrabond Film Range for use only with UB460 Machines
    All ranges are available in matt and gloss however please ensure that you look at the core size so that the rolls ordered fits your machine. If you are unsure, please email your machine model and we’ll ensure that we get the correct core size sent to you.
  • Lamination Rolls

    We supply a range of laminate rolls from 330mm wide to 1000mm wide. These are available in a gloss or matt finish and start at 80microns in thickness. If there is a specific width, length, finish, core or thickness that you require, don’t hesitate to contact us.