Roll Machines

Roll laminators provide the same solution of enhancing documents and giving long lasting protection however If you require speed and the option of celloglazing, and you need to continually feed your stock, then we recommend a roll laminator. This opens up different applications such as business cards, book covers and presentation folders. It also allows the operator to increase both the size of the sheet to be laminated, the volume of the job and the surface that the stock will be laminated onto.

The MiniBond range of machines feature a large chrome heating roller in either 380mm or 520mm for max adhesion to digital prints, single or two sided cello, compact footprint and variable speeds make it the ideal machine for any print room.

The DH360 and DH450 are 2 sided laminators, that can handle both celloglaze film and laminates up to 250mic in thickness and have a option of a stand. These machines are also available in 650mm, 800mm and 1100mm width to suit high volume print rooms.