Wire Binding

Twin Loop Binding is still our most popular form of binding and this is on trend with the rest of the world. It is a unique system of binding that features:

  • Permanent binding where pages can not be easily removed
  • Lies flat and stays flat with true 360 degree document opening
  • Strong, durable, functional
  • Colour options available
  • Also known as: Twin Loop, Double Loop, Wiro and Spiral -O binding.

Our wires are available in 3:1 pitch (3 holes per inch which is 34 loops on the long edge on an A4 sheet). This size tends to be used up to about 125 sheets and then the 2:1 pitch wire is used. This is 2 holes per inch with 23 loops on the long edge of an A4 sheet for binding up to 280 sheets. We also supply wire hangers for calendars and joiners so that wire documents can be joined if required.

It is a priority for Twin Loop binding that we comply with all standards. Our wires have been tested and comply with Australian standards for safety in children’s toys.