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Saddle Stitching

Saddle Stitching is a popular, fast, and inexpensive binding method for booklet manufacturing.


The printed sheets are placed over a saddle-shaped instrument during collation, hence the term ‘Saddle’ Stitching.  Single printed sheets are collated in this process, one inside the other in page number order then folded in half.

A wire stitch is punched through the folded crease from the outside of the booklet and clinched between the centre pages. The outside fold forms the spine of the booklet.  The print industry occasionally refers to stapling as ‘stitching’, so the name of this binding process can be confusing.  Usually, only two staples are needed to join a book together, but occasionally more is required.


Saddle Stitching is a popular, strong, and functional binding method.  A popular choice for small booklets, including brochures, catalogues, programs, newsletters, pamphlets, thin magazines, and comic books. Saddle Stitching is a great finishing choice for documents that can be presented booklet-style.


There are ‘no minimum’ booklets required for this service, and Twin Loop can Saddle Stitch documents from as small as 120mm x 90mm up to A4 landscape.

Twin Loop provides a foredge trim as standard, and silver staples are used for all Saddle Stitched projects.

Saddle Stitching requires the book's page count to be in multiples of four, so keep this in mind when designing the book layout to avoid any unplanned blank pages.  Ensure that there is enough white space around the text to avoid it being lost within the booklet fold.

Based on 80gsm paper stock, the maximum document thickness is 2mm (flat sheets). This is approximately 58 pages (16 sheets).

Saddle Stitching is best suited for narrow documents; otherwise, “creep” will occur where the internal sheets extended past the cover.  Although trimming will even up the outside edges of the booklet, if there are too many pages, the result is progressively thinner margins on the inner pages.

Set Up

Refer to the Set Up Guides section of this website or click on Saddle Stitching for advice on preparing your document.

Turnaround & Delivery

Saddle Stitching is a great option for quick production runs. It is important to deliver your printed material uncollated to Twin Loop.  If you need your delivery in a hurry, reach out to Twin Loop today, and we will find a solution to meet your deadline.

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If required, we offer single-side or double-side celloglazing, so please let us know if we can assist.

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