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Half Canadian & Full Canadian

Half Canadian and Full Canadian finishes are a variation of Wire Binding, giving the document a sleek and sophisticated look.  It is a lovely choice if you desire a stylish, high-end look to the finished document.  This is achieved using a durable card cover that conceals the wire spine fully or partially when the booklet is closed.


Half-Canadian Binding conceals the wire coil at the front and along the document's spine using a wrap-around card cover. A subtle curve of the wire coil is visible on the back cover. This gives the impression of a traditional bound book and, if needed, also allows for printing along the booklet’s spine.

Full-Canadian Binding (also called Canadian Bind, Concealed Wire-O) fully conceals the wire spine at the front and back of the document with a wrap-around card cover. Hence, the wire is not visible externally.


A popular choice for reports, workbooks, journals, fashion catalogues, brochures, instructional books (e.g., training guides, course notes), cookbooks, music books, maintenance manuals.

Wire Binding is an affordable choice for small to mid-sized projects and is great for documents that require durability with frequent opening and handling.  It easily accommodates low or high page counts, including tabs and pockets of varying thicknesses.

Pages flip with little resistance and stay put without being continually held open to view the contents.  The pages can be viewed side-by-side on a flat surface for ease of reading.


Twin Loop can bind documents from smaller than A5 size up to A3 short edge up to 22mm.

Colour choice: black, white, silver, and dark blue. If you have a special request, please let us know.

Set Up Help

Refer to the Set Up Guides section of this website or click on these links Half Canadian Layout or Full Canadian Layout for advice on preparing your document.

Turnaround & Delivery

Canadian Binding is a great option for quick production runs. It is a mostly straightforward process that requires no adhesives, folding or complex preparation. If you need your delivery in a hurry, reach out to Twin Loop today, and we will find a solution to meet your deadline.

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The Express Quote form - on the menu bar above - guides you through the information needed for us to prepare your quote request.  Provide as much information as you can, and we will be in touch shortly to discuss.

Optional Extra’s

If required, we can score and crease the covers; please mention this in your quote request.

Binding Supplies and Accessories

Did you know that we offer a quality range of machines and supplies for your in house binding projects?  Shop today for prompt delivery.

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