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Twin Loop Binding ensures that service and support are number one.  This is why our customers are still coming back after 20 years.  If we can’t assist with an enquiry, we are more than willing to point you in the right direction or speak to someone who can help.

To assist in some of the tricky areas of binding and lamination, we have put some questions and answers that we are hoping can get you out of a bind…so to speak!

If there is a question / answer that you think would be of assistance to others, please don’t hesitate to email us and we’ll upload it.  Please email it to


How to get adhesive off pouch laminator rollers?

While the pouch laminator is still hot, run a sheet of copy paper through without a carrier or pouch. This will remove any adhesive build up. The best way to prevent adhesive from getting on the rollers is to use a carrier all the time when laminating.

How to laminate irregular shapes within a pouch?

Always ensure that you have the sealed end of the lamination pouch entering the laminator first. If you are laminating an irregular shape, ensure that it is push as far towards the sealed end as possible. This will minimise the effect of the lamination pouch wrapping around the rollers. It is suggested in this case to especially use a carrier. If a carrier is used in this case, this will allow for multiple pouches to be used in one pass.

Has your lamination turned out cloudy?

If after laminating a document and the pouch is still cloudy, this usually means that there was insufficient heat. Simply, put the pouch through again and then turn up the heat setting for the remainder of the documents.

Has your lamination turned out wavy or bubbly?

This means that the heat setting is too high for the stock being laminated. Adjust the heat setting down and wait for the laminator to adjust before laminating the remainder of the documents.


What to consider when selecting a binding machine?

Its important to look at the finished product and see which type of finished document is best liked. It is from here that you work back as this is the biggest influence as to which machine will be purchased. Then, look at the below questions as these answers will determine the machine features required as well as influence which binding style is most suitable to your requirements.

What is the document application?
How will the document be used?
Is editing the document important and/or frequent?
What are your most common document sizes?
How important is the image or appearance of the document?

How to determine what size of binding element to order?

Twin Loop Binding recommends sheet capacity ranges for each binding style during on-line ordering of spirals, wires and plastic combs. These capacities are based on 80gsm paper with a 250mic PVC front and a 270gsm leathergrain backing. Thicker paper stocks, front and backing covers and tab dividers should also be taken in to consideration. If the sheet capacity of your document is close to the high end of the recommended range, Twin Loop binding suggests ordering the next larger size as this is easier to finish and also easier for the document reader.

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