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Plastic Spiral Binding

Plastic Spiral Binding is a popular and relatively simple bookbinding method that offers a quality finish, is fast and economical. If you need your book to last longer even with regular use, Plastic Spiral is a great choice.


It is also known as Plastic Coil, Coil, Spiral Binding, Continuous Coil, Koil Binding, Plastikoil Binding and Plastic Spirals.

Using spinning rollers, a plastic coil is inserted into holes punched along the edge of paper and stock. The ends of the coil are then ‘crimped’ to secure the pages in place.  Plastic coils come in a variety of sizes to accommodate books of varying thicknesses. The more pages the book has, the larger the spiral must be for proper function and aesthetics.

Once your document is bound with plastic spiral, the ends are crimped, and pages cannot be added or removed. However, if you need this type of flexibility, then we recommend Plastic Comb Binding 


A popular choice for reports, workbooks, journals, catalogues, brochures, instructional books (e.g., training guides, course notes), cookbooks, notebooks, and diaries.

Plastic Spiral Binding is an affordable choice and is more durable than Plastic Comb Binding.  You can stand on the spiral and it will not crush plus it will regain its original shape.  Plastic Spiral Binding is also a sturdy option if you wish to mail documents.

The pages rotate 360 degrees around the spine and can be viewed side-by-side on a flat surface for ease of reading.  Pages flip with little resistance and stay put without having to be continually held open to view the contents. It can accommodate low or high page counts and inserts including dividers or index tabs made from heavier cardstock.

Plastic Spiral binding is widely used in schools, hospitals and play centres where the sharp ends of Wire Binding represent a safety hazard. The plastic and closed crimped ends of coil binding mean that coil bound books are safe for very small children.


Twin Loop can bind documents from A6 portrait or landscape (holes punched on short or long edge) up to A3 portrait (holes punched on the long edge) for sheets up to 38mm thick (300 sheets / 80gsm) accommodating tabs, pockets, covers and backing boards.

When setting out your pages it is good practice to keep text or images at least 10mm away from the bind edge so that it is not cut into when the holes are punched into the pages.

Colour choice: black, white, and clear. If you have a special request, please let us know.

Turnaround & Delivery

Plastic Spiral Binding is a great option for quick production runs. It is a mostly straightforward process that requires no adhesives, folding or complex preparation. If you need your delivery in a hurry, reach out to Twin Loop today and we will find a solution to meet your deadline.

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