Manual Paper Punches

These machines are required so that sheets of paper can be inserted into PVC binders and insert binders. The most common insert binder features a two hole ring mechanism binder and the lever arch folder, making the 2 hole paper punch the most popular. Many however favour the four hole option as it holds the sheets more securely in place. The Twin Loop range features the Rapid range of 2 and 4 hole punches as well as the Skrebba 2 hole Skreperfo Punch which can punch up to 200* sheets making this ideal for an education sector.

The Nagel electric drill provides the flexibility to be able to simply change the punch pattern by rotating the preset punch bar. The Citoborma 111 allows for a 2, 3 and 4 hole option and can drill up to 50mm in height making it an ideal addition to any print room.

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