Neolt Manual Trim 200




The Neolt Manual Trim Series is ideal for trimming large format drawings, photographs, posters and other documents. The series is available in cutting widths from 100cm to 250cm. The machine features a smooth running rotary blade in hardened steel and comes with retrieval tray for trimmings as standard. Both the machines stand and roll holder are sold separately.

Machine features include:
– Cutting Length: 200cm
– Cutting Height: 0.6mm
– Hand operated for trimming drawings
– Blade holder carriage running on bearings
– Rotary blade of hardened steel
– Detachable supporting table with waste hopper
– Sheet holder made of transparent plastic
– Range of different cutting widths
– Optional roll holder and lamp for cutting area

Fact Sheet

Download the fact sheet here

Additional Information

Weight20000 g
Dimensions2470 × 530 × 300 mm